Keep travelers informed with Real Roads.

Tie complex GIS services together in a simple interface.

Real Time Solutions was awarded ESRI Business Partner of the Year in 2010 because of our outstanding work on  Many road advisory systems lack engagement and usability. We fixed that with an HTML5 platform that's easy to use. Travelers can access the site from the web, Apple Store, Google Play Store and mobile browser.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Real Roads is off the shelf software that is ready to use. You are spared the need for investing costly infrastructure and development.
Road Advisory System

Field Device Integration

Display devices from the field on a dynamic map including cameras, dynamic message signs, sensors and more. Give travelers the resources they need to keep them safe on the road.
Camera Integration DOT Website

Powered by ESRI

ESRI is the leading software provider for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Almost every GIS shop uses the ESRI products. Real Time Solutions (RTS) is a business partner with ESRI and uses the latest ESRI server software to power web-based mapping applications.
ESRI Powered Maps

Mobile Ready

The majority of traffic on a road advisory website is mobile. Real Roads is developed with HTML5 and is accessible via desktop, mobile browsers and mobile apps. The system requires low bandwith so travelers can access travel information on the road.
Mobile friendly traffic system

User Alerts & Route Subscriptions

Allow the public to sign up for alerts affecting their commute. Users can receive text alerts for accidents, delays and closures then search for the fastest alternative route to take.
traffic alerts and subscriptions

Radar Overlay

Bring in local radar overlays to help users plan travel. This is invaluable to travelers that run into a storm and need to make a decision on whether or not to continue traveling.
Radar overlay transportation
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