Comprehensive document management

Document management is a function that is critical to the operation of a business, yet it is neglected to a large degree and the result is an unnecessary cost to business.

Statistics on document management are shocking. For example, a study by Coopers & Lybr and found:

  • 70% of “white-collar” worker time is spent processing paper documents
  • 15% of all paper documents are misfiled or misplaced
  • 30% of documents used daily contain obsolete information
  • 40% of worker’s time is spent searching for misfiled, misplaced, or lost documents
  • Paper grows at 25% per year in the typical organization, meaning that it will double in just over three years time!
  • Paper-based processes are hard to validate for compliance to governmental regulation
  • Most businesses do not have a backup for their paper-based documents, and would be out of business in the event of a natural or other disaster

Actual dollar costs are taken from Gartner Group Consultancy, Laserfiche, and eCopy, Inc.

  • $30 is the average cost to file one document
  • $120 to find a misfiled document
  • $220 to reproduce a lost document
  • 7.5% of all documents get lost
  • 90% of all papers handled are shuffled

We can all relate to some of the statistics listed above by having lost documents or taking an incredible amount of time finding a document. Further, it is a fact that the amount of paper continues to grow in file rooms.

For critical business functions like accounting, most organizations have implemented software applications like QuickBooks, Quicken, or Peach Tree to automate their accounting process. Imagine managing your accounting function manually. It would be a nightmare; however, most organizations manage their documents manually. The impact is inefficiency and cost.

Real File is a comprehensive document management system designed to support your organization's daily operations. It is different from other systems by being easy to use, highly available, and relevant for how you work. By moving to Real File, you will have a powerful tool to organize your documents, store them securely, and find them quickly when you need them.

Below is a list of highlighted features. Enjoy.

Real File has a number of features to help you get your web-based Document Management System up and running quickly. One of the most popular benefits of using Real File is that it is provided as a service to you. This means no expensive investments in hardware and software and no need for IT staff. Hardware, software, and IT Staff is our job and this frees you up to concentrate on managing your documents and focusing on your core business initiatives.



Work Naturally





Access Real File via a web browser

No need to connect via a complicated VPN. No need for special software. Access your files from any web browser whether using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, or Safari With this powerful feature, you are able to have your files at your fingertips. Your office files are a login away enabling you to manage your important documents from anywhere
Real File Desktop App – View Real File from your desktop or laptop (Mac or PC)

The way you work with your important files at the work place do not change when you are away from the office.

Files are not duplicated onto your PC.

Just the way you explore the files on your disk drive, you can explore Real File.

Files do not take up space on your computer but you access them naturally from your desktop.

Real File Shared Server – Synchronizes the files on your company file server(s) to Real File

No need to drag files around on thumb drives or CDs. This never works that well anyway.

Suddenly you are connected to your office and free to conduct business anywhere.


As you update files at your office on the company file server, they are synchronized with Real File. This means when you are away from your office, your files are available through the Web browser or Real File Windows Client. Make changes away from the office and when you get back the files will be synchronized on the file server as well.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

In the past, companies had to buy and maintain their own IT infrastructures and manage IT staff at a considerable cost. The good news for management--this is changing. With Real File, companies can take advantage of first class infrastructure, instant updates, and expert advice at a fraction of the cost? This is made possible through Software as a Service (SaaS). Real File provides simple and effective document management as a Software as a Service solution. This allows companies to subscribe to Real File through the Internet without needing additional IT staff. Real File’s outsourced model is a refreshing change by providing a first-class document management solution enabling management to focus on core business functions.





Easy to acquire and get started

No need to purchase hardware/software and manage IT staff

Focus on your core business and not on technology infrastructure

Software updates are automatic

Upgrades to the software are included in the cost of Real File

No worries about additional costs every time an update to the system takes place


Days or weeks

Reduced risk and cost for you

Back office duties like backups part of the service

Managing Real File is the responsibility of Real File staff, not you

Peace of mind that these critical functions are taken care of for you








 Meta data search.

When uploading documents to Real File, users may input meta data for documents like title, description, and keywords.

You are able to organize your Real File documents in similar manner as you do with folders in your cabinets and file rooms.

Quickly find important documents like contracts, POs, etc.

 Word Index search.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is performed on every document sent to Real File. This process extracts words from images. Further every word is indexed.

 There is no need to take an additional step to perform OCR before filing your electronic document. When you send your document to Real File, OCR is automatically performed.

 If the meta data search does not find the document (s) you are looking for, the word search will. Now your documents are truly accessible to you.









As your organization expands and document management needs grow, Real File will scale to your requirements.

Now you are able to expand your business and be assured Real File will support your expansion.

Unlimited Document Storage

As you need more space, Real File is able to expand to your storage requirements.

No need to worry about the size of your files and expanding your space is affordable.








Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Your Real File documents are protected with the same technology as credit cards.

Assurance your files are not being compromised as you work on them on the internet.

Account Manager

Manage users and groups and assign permissions to various parts of Real File.

You are confident that you are in control of your important documents.



Continuous Back-ups






Your Real File documents are stored redundantly across servers and network centers.

Peace of mind that your files will not get lost or accidentally destroyed.

Real File documents on removable media.

You can request your files be sent to you on removable media like a portable hard drive.

Although your files are on the internet cloud, you can also have a copy in your possession.



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