About Real Time Solutions

Albuquerque Website Designer

Real Time Solutions is a leading web software company. 

With over 1500 websites and software applications built, we know how to provide the right solution for you. We take stunning graphics and pair it with powerful technology to provide web based business solutions that work for you and your customers. After your project launches, we follow it up with unparalleled support to make sure you are taken care of. Our team specializes in software development, design and cyber security which makes us uniquely qualified to troubleshoot complex projects. Let us help you become a leader in your industry with a strong online presence.

The story that started it

Real Time Solutions (RTS) opened its doors as RealTimeSites in January, 2000 with an innovative product that allowed website owners to update their websites with no technical skill required. Although the term had not yet been coined, this product was one of the earliest forms of the now ubiquitous ‘Content Management System’ (CMS). For website owners who were frustrated at having no control over their sites, RTS’ CMS revolutionized website management; not only did the CMS help increase business, it made doing business on the web more enjoyable.

The brand that brought it together

Since 2000, RTS has grown from a small website provider to New Mexico’s premier web-based business solutions company. In 2011, the company reflected its metamorphosis with a newly designed brand under the name of Real Time Solutions. Throughout the company’s growth, RTS has continued its focus on providing relevant technical solutions that help customers reach their goals, while removing the frustrations that are typically found in technical products and services.

The secret that makes it work

Each of RTS’ products and services provide a powerful combination of stunning graphic design, robust technology, and comprehensive support. The benefit to customers is having a system that not only meets functional requirements but makes a lasting impression. Additionally, comprehensive support packages mean that customers have peace of mind knowing that help is available when needed.

Real Time Solutions // 2101 Mountain Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, Suite A // (505) 830-0414 (P) // (505) 830-0434 (F)