Real Directory connects local businesses to local consumers.




Business Profiles

Online presence for all businesses

Even if a business can't afford a website, they can show up in local search results and have a place to update contact information.

Account Management

Profiles can be updated.

Businesses have full control over their business information and the administrator doesn't have to manage it. 

Profile Statistics

Business owner can see how many people visited their profile and clicked to their website, social media or email.

Business owner can see how well their profile is performing and make adjustments to improve it. 

Search Use a basic search or advanced search to find businesses. Consumers can find local businesses based on keywords, name, or certifications. 
Categories Browse by business category. Consumers and job seekers can see a full list of businesses by their business category.
Sponsorships Display sponsor logos on all pages. Monetize the directory with premium placement.
Search Engine Optimization Businesses can rank in local search. With a large business directory under a well known domain name, local businesses have the opportunity to show up in search results. 
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