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Take your office anywhere with Real File.

What would happen if your files were deleted, your computer was stolen or your server failed? Think about it. Have you ever considered what you would do if you lost all of your files? The beauty of Real File is you don't need to consider that. We'll take care of daily backups, versioning and hosting while you take care of your business. 

Peace of Mind

Your files are backed up as often as you request which means they can always be recovered. Your files can always be recovered, even if they accidentally get deleted.

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Customer Access

Create folders just for customers to access their files. Each customer can have their own folder and login so you can share files and confidential information.

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Transfer Large Files

Send large files with ease. Files upload like the speed of light in Real File. You can even temporarily provide a link to the file to make it easy to access. You'll never have to use a free file sharing program again.

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Sync files from the cloud to your employee's computers. You won't even have to login to see your files and when you're done with them, they will sync back to the cloud for online access.

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Cost Savings

Real File is an affordable way for your office to work together. Get rid of in house servers and IT management of servers because we take care of it. You just login and manage your files.

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