Comprehensive document management

Real File makes filing sharing and management easy and affordable.

Online document management means accessible file storage for your department. Real Time Solutions’ software, Real File, syncs your files to the cloud where they are searchable, shareable and secure.


Store documents online and share them with your organization, customers or the public. Your documents are protected with SSL, the same technology as credit cards.

Distributed User Access

Manage permissions using users and groups. Grant access to files or folders and the user will only see those files.

Website Integration

Display folders or files directly in your website. You'll update files in Real File and those updates display on your website too.


Real File will fit into your natural workflow by accessing files on your local computer. Once you're done with a file, it syncs with the cloud.

Management & Maintenance

We take care of all management and maintenance which means you don't have anything to worry about. 

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