Comprehensive document management

Document Management is Crucial to Your Success

In the beginning, one document legitimized your business. As your business has grown, your documents have grown exponentially; both paper and digital. Further, digital documents are on various devices like PCs, file servers, laptops, thumb drives, CDs, etc. At the end of the day you find it extremely difficult to manage your documents and as a result your business suffers.

In order to get by, most organizations use band-aid approaches such as Dropbox or SharePoint to store and share documents. These products simply don't work because they are intended to be used by individuals, not organizations. Some employees use Dropbox to help manage their documents; however, if that employee leaves so do the documents. This clearly damages a business.

Some organizations have tried using document management systems with no success. The reason current management systems do not work is they are difficult to use and they force you to change the way you work. Further, these systems are proprietary which means the only way you can access documents is through their web interface. This means you are stuck with a system that is not working for you.

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An Enterprise Solution for Businesses

Real File solves the document management problems faced by business by offering a comprehensive solution that enhances the way you work.

Real File benefits include continuous backups of your files, access files anytime/anywhere, mobile, share files easily, unlimited storage, client portals, version control, OCR, and much more. Let’s take a look at Real File in more detail.

Revolutionize How You Do Business

Cloud Storage & SaaS

Real File runs on the Amazon cloud which is highly reliable and redundant. Documents are encrypted and protected with SSL, the same technology that protects credit cards. Cloud storage grows with your business so you never run out of space. Even better, we take care of the software and management.

Real File Web Client

Real File gives you the power to work from a web browser. Access files from any browser using the web client. Manage user accounts and give employees or customers access to specific folders or files. Setup read, write or edit access for user accounts to keep files safe.

Server Sync

Real File is a powerful tool for continuous backups and cloud storage for your files. Many companies prefer to use Real File for those advantages but also want to keep files in their possession. Real File syncs with your server and mirrors all changes that happen on the server, from the desktop app or web client.

Work Naturally

Real File sync apps use a virtual view of files which makes syncing fast and efficient. If you update a file on your desktop, it is instantly synced to the cloud and mobile app. Access files from any interface and changes are reflected everywhere so you don’t have to think about it.


Access files from your phone or tablet without taking up space on each device. Preview or download files to your phone or tablet. You can even edit file properties. Make your office mobile centric and move into the future with Real File. Your customers and employees will thank you.

Enhance the Way You Work

Real File integrates with file explorer which allows you to work like you always have. In addition to your existing options, Real File adds menus for sharing, meta data, comments, versions and searching. The integration is so seamless, it takes little to no training to use but the benefits are tremendous.

Business Continuity

Make transitions with hiring easy. When one person leaves, your documents don’t leave with them. When you hire a new employee, just grant them access to the folders they need and they are ready to go.



Unlimited Storage

Never run out of storage. Real File grows with your business so you never have to worry about move files to a larger server.


Cutting Edge Technology & Features

Virtual View

Most document management systems replicate files on every device which defeats the purpose of having them stored on the cloud. With Real File, you get a complete virtual view of all of your files. A fraction of the space is taken up on the device until you double click to download the file. Now, you can access all files without space restrictions.


Online Signatures

Optimize your workflow by taking signatures online. We can take any form and add signature fields. Send the form out for signature and it will be auto-filed in Real File with any folder name you require. Move files through custom workflows and make them available to the whole team. 


Version Control

No need to ever save a file with the name “final” again. Every time you save, a new version of the document is created in Real File. Revert back to past versions at any time. If a file is corrupted or gets overwritten, it only takes a few seconds to revert to the version of your choice.


Continuous Back-ups

Do you have a disaster recovery plan? What if your files were hacked, your laptop was stolen, your office caught on fire or a disgruntled employee deleted files? Have peace of mind that your files will always be available. Real File provides continuous back-ups of your files to ensure nothing is ever lost.

Restricted Access

Real File scales for any business size. That requires different levels of security for employees and customers. Centralize your documents and restrict access to folders using groups and users. When a user logs in, they only see the folders they have access to. 


Recycle Bin

Accidentally deleted a file? Log in to Real File and recover it in the recycle bin. Files are never truly gone unless you want them to be. This takes the headache out of document recovery.


Every file uploaded to Real File is immediately encrypted using the latest, state-of-the-art encryption. This protects your documents from unauthorized access.


Real File is protected with SSL. This ensures a secure transmission of data and it’s the same technology that’s used for credit card payments.



Real File can be used for employees, customers and even your public facing website. This usually requires flexibility and the need to display files in multiple areas of your folder structure. Use shortcuts for files or folders so you always have one source for those documents.

Advanced Search

Never lose a document again. Real File has advanced search options that include meta data and tags you add to files. This makes it possible to organize files and find them quickly.


Text & Email File Sharing

Sharing files has never been easier. Real File adds functionality directly to Windows explorer. Simply right click to share a file via email or text message. A secure link is sent and that file is available without any login.

Large File Transfer

Upload large files within seconds and make them available to anyone through a login or link. The recipient can click to download or preview the file.  It couldn't be easier to send large files to coworkers or customers.

Website Integration

Real File integrates seamlessly with a website or intranet. This means you can manage files in Real File and automatically display them on your website without touching your website admin.

Meta Data

Customize organization of files with meta data. Users may input tags, title and description for each file. Keep file organization consistent with standard meta data. Search files using meta data.


Mass Upload

Real File makes organizing easy. Pick and choose documents from your desktop to mass upload into a folder. Files upload at lightning speed and are immediately available on all devices.

Any File Type, Any File Size

Upload any file type to Real File. There are no restrictions on file size so you have the power to do business as usual.

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