Real Map has a number of features to help you get your web-based GIS application going quickly. The real benefit of using Real Map is that it is provided as a service to you. This means no expensive investments in hardware and software and no need to manage licenses. Hardware, software, and licenses are our job and this frees you up to concentrate on your GIS application.


Access Maps Anywhere




Web Flex Client – access Real Map via a web browser

Real Map is built with Flex technology that brings a richer experience to web applications. Real Map is a web-based application accessible to anyone on the internet.

No need to distribute software. People are able to access your GIS application from anywhere on the internet.

Real Map is Mobile

Your application is optimized for mobile devices.

Stay ahead of the technological curve by being proactive.

Mobile Apps

You are able to leverage Real Map by turning it into your mobile app.

Stay ahead of the technological curve by being proactive.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

In the past, companies had to buy and maintain their own IT infrastructures and manage IT staff at a considerable cost. The good news for management--this is changing. With Real Map, companies can take advantage of first class infrastructure, instant updates, and expert advice at a fraction of the cost? This is made possible through Software as a Service (SaaS).




Easy to acquire and get started.

No need to purchase hardware/software and manage IT staff.

Focus on your core business and not on technology infrastructure.


Software updates.

Upgrades to the software are included with Real File.

No worries about additional costs every time an update to the system takes place.


Days or weeks.

Reduced risk and cost for you.

Back office  duties like backups part of the service.

Managing Real File is the responsibility of Real File staff, not you.

Peace of mind that these critical functions are taken care of for you.


Powered by ESRI




Real Map runs the most current ESRI server software to power Real Map.

You are able to utilize the world class software for your GIS to the web applications.

No need to worry about licensing fees.






User-Friendly web Interface

The user-friendly web interface is intuitive for web visitors.

No need to invest in support personnel for your GIS web-based interface.

Public web interface

Limit what the public sees. This is useful when needing to display video. Rather than streaming video to the public, you can regulate video to a frame ever so many seconds.

You are able to manage costs as well as protecting private data.

Administrative web interface

Your management center is no limited to a building. Your management center is virtual accessible through the web.

You are able to provide better management of your resources.






Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Your Real Map applications are protected with the same technology as credit cards.

Assurance your applications are not being compromised as you work on the internet.

realSecure system

Manage users and groups and assign permissions to various parts of Real Map.

You are confident that you are in control of the management of your application.






Incorporate resources into Real Map

You are able to easily display resources on Real Map and display as much detail about the resource as necessary.

Real Map is now a tool that integrates into your entire operation. This means you are able provide excellent service to customers.

Incorporate field devices into Real Map

Bring video cameras and sensors to the map. This has numerous applications from security to road advisory systems.

Incorporate 3rd party services like radar weather overlays into Real Map

Real Map is designed to easily bring in 3rd party services.

Integrate applications like social media or 511 phone systems into Real Map

Now you are able to integrate various systems with Real Map without costly duplication.


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