Reliable web hosting that's lightening fast.

We offer full service hosting and maintenance. Let us handle your server so you don't have to think about it.



Highly available environment:

The Cloud offers a first class infrastructure for an affordable price. The Cloud is a distributed, redundant network offering servers, storage, and bandwidth. The days of having servers on local networks are over and for good reason. These operations are expensive and unreliable. They have given way to cloud solutions where business owners may concentrate on what is important at the business and not be distracted with technology.

You enjoy the benefits of a reliable environment for your website and applications for an unbelievable low price

Fully managed solution:

As a manager or business owner, imagine you no longer have to be tasked with managing technology. The cloud is the place where website and applications should reside with Real Time Solutions managing the website and application on your behalf.  This means you no longer have to worry about replacing servers, upgrading memory, acquiring more disk space, and allocating more bandwidth. The Cloud solution will ensure your operation is running on the most up to date, state of the art infrastructure.

No need to have an expensive IT staff. Real Time Solutions takes care of your cloud website or application and you concentrate on your business


Your website or application is monitored every 5 minutes. If a problem occurs Real Time Solutions staff will take care of it.

Peace of mind that your website and application is available to your customers

Scalable and Customized for you:

Depending on the level of sophistication you need, Real Time Solutions will setup the environment to your precise specifications. If we notice your operation is requiring more resources, we simply upgrade your server or disk space allocation. This is easy to do on the Cloud and is affordable.


If you have peak times in your operation, we can upgrade your server and memory to sufficient levels. For example if you are a retailer and you have peak periods during the holidays, we can increase your server, memory, and disk space during those periods. Once the peak period is over, we can scale you back. This is an amazing tool for you and is easy to implement and cost effective.


If you need an operation that requires it to be operational 24/7/365, the Cloud is the perfect place to configure this environment.

No need to worry if you will be hit with high costs if your operations ramps up or you have peak periods of heavy web traffic

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