We'll identify your goals and reach them with internet marketing.


We'll meet with you to identify the goals of your website and understand your organization from a business perspective. This includes understanding how you want to be found online and what actions you want website visitors to take as a result of visiting the website.

Internet Marketing Plan

After the consultation, RTS will research your industry and develop a internet marketing plan. The plan includes information on your target market, suggested advertising campaigns on various platforms and strategies to reach your target market online. At this time, an estimated budget for advertising spending is provided.


If your organization wants to move forward with the plan, the accounts for advertising are created. At this time, RTS creates the ad copy and graphics and implements the plan.


RTS will code the website to track goals within analytics. Monthly reports are delivered to the customer to review from analytics. RTS likes to meet with each customer on a quarterly basis to review and tweak campaigns and ensure optimal ROI.

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