The official road advisory system for the
State of New Mexico

Looking for current road and weather conditions? Visit the NMDOT's 511 Travel Info system for up-to-the-minute road conditions. Real Time Solutions is honored to be the trusted partner of NMITS and the NMDOT that developed this award winning app.

Intuitive Application Design

NMRoads is the tool that the New Mexico Department of Transportation uses to keep users and travelers up to date with road conditions throughout the state. This application serves a very large audience which requires the design to be intuitive and easy to use. Road conditions are best understood on a map which is the primary design element. Users can quickly see if there are trouble spots in a certain area by utilizing this approach.

Iconic Navigation

NMRoads utilizes an iconic type of navigation. This allows users the ability to turn items on and off with ease. A set of definitions is included as part of a "Legend Key" to give users a full understanding of the meaning for each icon.

Live Camera Integration

NMRoads pulls in live snapshots from NMDOT Cameras that are placed throughout the state. These snapshots give travelers a clear picture of what is happening on the road at any given time.

Weather Conditions Integration

Weather conditions can cause a headache for many travelers. For this reason we have integrated the National Weather Service conditons for New Mexico into the application. With this layer turned on, the user can see weather throughout the state and plan accordingly.

Fastest Route & Traffic Conditions

NMRoads provides live traffic conditons for commuters. Users can create accounts and subscribe to recieve text messages for traffic on routes that are important to them. NMRoads also has a "Fastest Route" component that allows users to find the fastest route to their destination by analyzing live traffic data and routing the user accordingly.

Mobile Ready

NMRoads has a mobile app for Android and iPhone. Users have access to New Mexico road conditions in the palm of their hand. The application is also optimized for the mobile environment from web browsers.
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