Real Content is a robust system built for government portals.

Government websites are complex, large and have multiple content creators. We made a system that anyone with basic Word skills would be able to update. 

Easy to Update

When you login, you will see your website from the front end which makes it easy to point and click to update.

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Dedicated Server

We host and manage your website on the cloud. We can also setup your website on your in house servers.

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Distributed User Privileges

Real Content supports users and groups which makes privileges easy to manage. Access can be granted to a section of one page, a section of the website or the entire website.

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Real Content is LDAP compliant and highly secure. We monitor traffic for hacking and will be here to address any issues that arise.

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Comprehensive Training & Support

Training typically takes under two hours. We make sure your organization is prepared to take over the website. We're always here to help as people get comfortable making updates. 

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