An online store is only the first step to success. 

Your products are ready to purchase and now it’s time to help customers find them.

Google Merchant

Ever wondered how products show up right at the top of search results with an image? This is called Google Merchant. Google has an online shopping center that pulls products from thousands of online stores. Merchants are paying to show up in this online shopping center. This is useful for the end user because they can browse one type of product and compare prices within one store. As a merchant, your product could be shown thousands of times but you won’t be charged until a potential customer clicks on it and goes to your website.


Many customers will browse your online store and leave. In order to get these potential customers back, RTS will set up a remarketing campaign. Most likely this will be a display advertisement purchased through Google AdWords and served on Google’s large network of advertisers. That way, when that user browses other websites with Google ads, they will be reminded to visit your store.

Social Media

Many social media platforms are an excellent way to gain attention for your products and offerings. RTS will help match the right social media to your goals and create a strategy to gain likes, followers and ultimately, sales.

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