Pay to show up in search results and start capturing customers.

In a recent survey of some of the largest online retailers, 85% of respondents cited search engine marketing as one of the top three best ways to attract customers. 1 in 5 of those retailers allocates more than 50% of their advertising budget to paid search.

This platform gives you control over showing up in search and does not rely on how a search engine sees your website. It’s like the other puzzle piece to search engine optimization. The cost of paid search is on a pay-per-click basis meaning you don’t pay unless someone clicks on your ad.

Keyword Research

Search engine marketing starts with identifying goals and a target market for driving traffic to your website. We then take those goals and research the keywords that potential customers use to looking for your products or services.

Campaign Setup

Once the keywords are determined, the ads are written and created. The campaign is launched and monitored.


Once your campaign launches, we will monitor it and make adjustments as needed.

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