Manage communication with Real Messaging.

Send Email, Text or Phone Call Messages

Tired of the limitations of current email systems? Streamline your email marketing and manage it directly from your website. The design is fully integrated with your website, helping you gain subscribers and keep a consistent brand.

Quick & Easy Communication

Real Messaging gets you in front your customers the way they want to be reached with opt-in options for email, text or phone calls. Login from your phone or computer and send messages at the optimal time for each medium.
Send text messages to customers

Send Thousands of Messages

No need to monitor how many messages you’ve sent out each month. We give you a limit that you won’t exceed. Contact your customers as often as you want.
Send thousands of emails

Integrated with Your Website

Real Messaging matches your website design and navigation so it seamlessly fits in. It doesn't matter which content management system you use, we can keep the user experience seamless.
Messaging System

Unlimited Lists & Subscribers

We're here to support your growth. We don't care how many groups or subscribers you have, the price stays the same.
Unlmited lists and subscribers email system
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