Content Management Made Easy.

Real Content is comprised of a number of rich modules that are designed to help you place content on your website.  Our modules are constantly evolving which means the technology is upgraded without you lifting a finger. You are always able to add, remove and edit the modules on each page. Since we build all of our own modules, there are no headaches trying to choose which open source tool you should choose. In addition, the demand of new features is driven by our existing customers, which keeps the system up to date and constantly evolving.


The Navigation module allows you to take control of the organization of your site.  Use the Navigation module to create pages and subpages, delete unwanted pages, and reorganize the structure of already existing pages.  The navigation module allows you to assign updating privileges so that you can restrict user access to the admin side of your website and create password protected pages so that you can share information with a select group of users.  You will also use the Navigation module to link pages to external webpages, internal webpages, files, and emails. 

Password Protection

Adding Password Protection to a page is a great way to secure sensitive information that you’d to like to make available to a select number of users.  You may want a private webpage for employees to access information or an area for board members to download the latest Agenda.

Text Editor 

The text editor module allows you to insert text, tables, embeds, and images right into your page. The text editor is robust and flexible- allowing you to do almost anything. If you’ve ever used Word, you’ll be comfortable with the editor tools. If you are a designer, feel free to use the HTML view to free hand code. When your site is built, we set the styling which means when you add new content it will stay consistent

Media Gallery

The media gallery module allows you to mix video and photos and display them across your website. You can have sliding photo galleries, photo albums or banner images. You can re-use images and albums across your website and all images are automatically compressed to be web friendly.

Social Media

Inserting social media plugins is easy. Grab the embed code and insert on any page. RTS can also create a custom social club that brings all of your social media into one place.

Blog Module

The blog module allows multiple authors to post about topics relevant to your website.  It is a great way to give your website a voice and to keep users updated on current events or products.  With this module you can moderate comments, share posts using social media, archive posts, and filter topics using categories.  The module also allows commenting with Facebook so the users’ interactions get posted back to Facebook for more exposure.


The calendar module allows you to update events and have them show up in multiple areas of the website. You can have multiple calendars on different pages. These calendars can share particular events or be completely stand-alone. The calendar handles repeat events, categories, RSS, click to map on Google, embeds, attachments, images and iCal downloads.

File Links

The file links module allows you to create links on your page to documents that you upload or to external pages on the internet.  The file link module is very flexible, allowing you to upload documents of almost any format to your page, such as Word Documents, PDFs or even images.  You are able to upload multiple documents at once, making the file link module one of the fastest ways to get information on your page.  In addition, the file links module gives you the option of organizing documents in different categories and archiving documents that are out of date. When your site is built, we set the styling so that your file links match the content on your site. Files can be archived and auto-sorted – making it easier than ever to manage them on one page.

Press Release

Upload press releases and display them with a clean style that your users can easily sort through. This module organizes press releases by date and allows you to archive old press releases. You can also use pagination to keep the navigation easy.


The Directory module allows you to have a mini database of information. You can customize the fields and provide users a sortable and searchable database on the page.

Form Builder

The form builder module allows you to create forms on the fly. Drag and drop the fields to create your form. Then setup your emails and thank you messages. You can create contact forms, application forms and more.

Widget (Embedded Media)

Ever wondered what to use an embed code for? Widgets are like transportable applications. If you find a widget on the Internet that supplies an embed code, you can paste it in here and it will display on your site.

Audio Upload

Upload mp3s and play them directly from your website. Create playlists of files and allow the user to browse collections of files.

RSS Feed Reader

Want to feature news feeds on your home page? The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) module will post a feed anywhere on your site. Don’t have anything to feed? Our calendar, press release and photo gallery modules have RSS feeds. The best way keep your home page updated automatically is by using the RSS feed.

Site Map

The site map module will read the pages in your navigation and create a site map. It can also provide a site map for Google webmaster tools to read.

Developer/Free Form

The developer module can be used to upload a .zip file and extract it to display a set of files, such as an HTML page, within the region. 


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