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Real File is a product that solves the problems organizations face trying to manage, share and organize documents.


One problem that plagues businesses is wasted time finding documents that are essential to running your business. 

With Real File, your documents are searchable and you can find them whether you are at your office, on travel, or at home.  The added benefit of finding documents quickly is efficiency.  This occurs because everyone who works at the business is able to quickly and easily retrieve company documents.

Real File centralizes documents within a business. 

Today we live in a complicated environment where documents appear in numerous formats like paper contracts, Word files, PDF files, faxes, email, etc.  Further these documents are found virtually everywhere in a business—Company filing cabinets, individual filing cabinets in offices, File servers, PCs, laptops, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and so forth.  It is no wonder business owners are perplexed on how to manage these documents spread throughout their organization.  RealFile brings these documents and centralizes them into one store where business owners may store and retrieve files.  This truly is a significant step in document management.


"Real File helped bring my team together. We were able to share files with each other within the office.  It makes interoffice communication very easy.  We were also able to share sensitive information with our customers securely.

There was no need for us to buy expensive hardware or software! I just login into RealFile and everything I have on my computer at the office is at my disposal."

Peter Sanchez
Atrisco Foundation

Real File stores documents securely. 

First, this means your documents are stored redundantly.  The benefit is you no longer have to worry about backups—Real File backs up your documents in Real Time and in many storage locations.  Second, Real File has a security system for managing access to your files.  This allows you to share certain files with employees and customers.  Third, Real File protects your files you are retrieving over the internet the same way credit cards are protected.  Now business owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their documents are stored securely with Real File.


Real File is a real step in moving your company to a Paperless, Green Office. 

Socially conscience businesses are seeking ways to reduce the amount of paper they produce to do their part in helping our environment.  With Real File, rather than printing a document and then faxing or mailing it to a customer you can simply email the document from within Real File.  With Real File, there is no need to print multiple copies of a document and distribute them to staff because people with access to Real File can view those documents anytime they wish.  Real File certainly helps companies reduce the amount of paper they produce and this also has the benefit of reducing significant costs associated with managing documents.  Cost savings can be realized by eliminating the need for additional space for filing rooms, filing cabinets, printers, and printing supplies.

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