Helping Create a Safe Community for Albuquerque

The men and women of the Albuquerque Police Department are honored to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Albuquerque. They are committed to making sure that the residents and their families are safe and as free from crime as humanely possible. Real Time Solutions is honored to partner with the department to strive after this goal.

Professional Design

The Albuquerque Police Department wanted to refresh their online brand first and foremost. The department wanted a professional design that reflected the professionalism of the group that simultaneously would be used as a recruitment tool. With these goals in mind, Real Time Solutions recommended a design that was user centric and would quickly appeal to potential cadets. We designed a home page that is interactive and informative.

Highly Accessible

Since the Albuquerque Police Department uses this website as a primary recruiting tool, it must be highly accesssible. Real Time Solutions built the site to be responsive, adapting the design to the device of choice. Whether future recruits are looking at on their computer, tablet or phone, they will have the information readily available to them.

Interactive Design Elements

While designing the Department home page, Real Time Solutions created multiple interactive design elements to increase user engagement. These elements were implemented to increase the user experience.

Automated Interest Card

Because the website redesign was such a success, Real Time Solutions partnered with the Albuquerque Police Department to migrate the interest card for future recruits from a paper process to an online application. Recruits create accounts, fill out an intrest card and sign up for testing dates. APD is now able to run reports on everyone who fills out intrest cards, manage their recruitment classes, communicate easily with new recruits and can handle many more potential recruits.
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